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HR Payroll Solutions, Managed Payroll Services and Payroll Outsourcing Service by Northumbria Payroll Services

Organisations of all sizes can benefit from our HR Payroll Solutions, Managed Payroll Services and Payroll Outsourcing Service – whether your payroll is 1 or 501, we offer a hassle free, flexible service from as little as £20.00 per month. Take advantage of our local payroll expertise and free up your time to get on with your business.

Our unrivalled knowledge and commitment to customer service means you see improved service and cost savings, leaving you free to focus on more critical business activities.

Businesses that have frequent staff turnover, with specific issues related to the complexity of graded rates and other problems surrounding employees who are paid on an hourly basis, need the reassurance of a reliable, experienced and knowledgeable payroll manager.

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What We Offer

  • HR Payroll Solutions
  • Managed Payroll Services
  • Payroll Outsourcing Service
  • Direct Payments

Direct Payments - giving you the freedom to choose

Northumbria Payroll Solutions offers a range of services to help you take control of your care and lead an independent life.

As a provider of Payroll services who manage direct payments you can trust us to deliver a reliable, personalised service. We offer a home support service which puts you in charge of who visits your home to provide care, using the direct payments system.

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Managed Payroll Service:

Taking care of salaries can eat up a large amount of your time. Northumbria Payroll Solutions has made payroll as simple and efficient as possible for you.

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Small Business Payroll:

Paying employees correctly is a big worry for many businesses. The constant update of new payroll legislation, repayment of student loans, SMP, SSP, SAP,SPP and P11D’s are a few of the reason’s why small businesses turn to Northumbria Payroll Solutions for help.

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